Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we inform you that Deutsche Messe is streamlining its event portfolio in view of the decline in bookings for CEBIT 2019. We regret to inform you that the Board of Deutsche Messe AG has decided to cancel CEBIT 2019 in Hannover.

Technological developments within the digital economy have reduced demand for horizontal tradeshows such as CEBIT in recent years. Digitalization’s innovative impact is particularly evident in the industrial application industries. As such, many of CEBIT’s traditional core exhibitors have turned to events targeting these industries to generate new business.

In recent years, many discussions about the German economy have involved the thematic overlap between HANNOVER MESSE and CEBIT. We will now integrate the topics from CEBIT that are relevant for manufacturing, energy and logistics into HANNOVER MESSE. We are also currently examining the digital market to determine which remaining CEBIT topics we will develop into new events.

CEBIT has a long tradition. After the spin-off from HANNOVER MESSE in 1986, growth seemed endless. But a downward trend began with the bursting of the bubble. We achieved temporary stability in 2014 by focusing on B2B, but this too eventually lost ground, so that even the new concept of CEBIT 2018 – which consisted of an exhibition, conference and festival – could not stop the downward trend among exhibitors and trade visitors. It turns out that CEBIT was already substantially weakened. Now it is clear that too many market participants are turning away.

We have already adjusted CEBIT’s role in and economic contribution to our events portfolio in recent years. Thanks to many other strong events and strong growth in our international business, we retain a solid position as a company and do not expect direct effects from the streamlining.

If you have any questions, please contact your representative at Deutsche Messe AG.

Yours sincerely 


Mónica Colaço
+351 224 100 031
+351 226 003 789